Member Directory Updates Have been Posted

The most recent updates have been posted. The current GHCP Community Directory was published in August, 2019. Printed copies are still available at the Association office.

Members may also access it on line, at, in the password protected Documents section, under the About Us tab.

  • The GH-CP Community Directory file contains information about the community itself, the GHCP Association and the Civic Associations.
  • The Member Information file contains a current version of all information provided by members.
  • The Membership Information Changes file contains just the changes since the printed version was published. Members can use this as an insert to keep their printed directories up to date.

Members who wish to have their information included in the Directory should contact the GHCP office at, or 804 472 3646.

Thanks go to Debbie Dunn for keeping the Directory current and compiling these updates.

(Posted 7.29.20)