Crystal Lane Beach Contract Awarded

The Project consists of three phases:

Phase I:  Drainage Remediation — Removal all of the Phragmites along the right side of the property and grading to permit water to flow out to the river.

Phase II:  Grade and Fill the Upland Area —  There are currently numerous depressions on the property that may have been caused by decaying stumps. These will be filled, and the lot graded so that water drains to the ditch located along the right side of the property.

Phase III:  Beach Replenishment/Nourishment — There has been an accumulation of sand washed ashore on the right hand side of the property, when looking at the water.  This sand will be redistributed to the middle and left sides of the beach and the entire beach graded.

Coles Point Excavating was the only bidder, at a cost of $12,000. They planned to begin on Friday, November 8, but due to high winds they have postponed until Monday.  The initial work will be to mow down the phragmites and dig out the root system.  Then, regrade the ditch at the road and along the right side of the property so it flows properly out to the river.  The contractor plans to test dig the sunken areas to determine what’s underneath, and if necessary remove buried material before filling and grading the upland area.  The last phase will be moving sand that now blocks drainage and and redistributing it to fill areas along the beach.  The Association will be working with Jeff Frazier at the County and the contractor to resolve and address issues as they may arise. (Posted 11.7.2019, updated 11.8.2019)