Golf Cart Community Update 

(Posted 11/29/18) Over the years, some members have asked about making GHCP a golf cart community.  It appeared in comments made in our 2017-member survey, and was raised again by a member in July of this year.  The board outlined some of the known obstacles, and asked if there was sufficient volunteer interest to form a group to research the issues, gauge member support, and pursue the idea if there was sufficient support.

We have again discussed this matter with the County and obtained some additional information.  For the matter to proceed, the community would need to apply to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors.  Once the application is accepted, the community would be required to have a transportation engineering study conducted.  This would NOT be paid for by the GH-CP Sanitary District.  The costs of the study would have to be paid for by the community.  This means some combination of funding from the GH-CP Association, the CPCA, and the GHCA.

According to the County Administrator, this matter has been looked at twice before in the Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point communities.  On neither occasion did the results support moving forward to make GHCP a golf cart community.  Research recently done by Dana Tucker also concluded there are significant obstacles to implementation.  Frankly, becoming a gold cart community still seems to be in the “too hard” category, but we intend to document community interest as planned by including  the golf cart question in a future on-line survey of members.