Highlights of the 10.8.2018 GHCPA Board meeting

Highlights of the 10.8.2018 GHCPA Board meeting

No community members attended the Community Concerns session, and nor questions were submitted in advance.

No questions or issues have been received in WeAreListening since the last meeting.

Westmoreland County is in the process of closing their books for the month of August. This has delayed development of plans for specific projects in GHCP for this year. The bidding process for work at the pool is underway, and bids are expected back to the county soon.

At present, there are 30 properties in GHCP that have not paid their Recreational User Fee (RUF) for 2016, and 76 properties for 2017.

The local real estate market remains active with 5 transfers in the past month.

The Board has responded to past inquiries about making GHCP a golf cart community by offering to support a group of volunteers who are willing to do the research and leg work to determine support and work through the details. Thus far, no one has stepped forward to take the lead. The offer is still open, and board member Harriet Dixon has offered to work on the project if there is sufficient interest.

Walt Shackelford reports that  the number of volunteers participating in the Neighborhood Watch program has fallen to the point it may not be sustainable. We have asked him to estimate how many volunteers are needed to make the program work. The board believes the Neighborhood Watch is valuable service to the community. Our intent is to reach out to residents in hopes of finding enough residents who are willing to contribute an hour or two every other month keeping an eye on our community.

Posted 10.26.2018