Storm Damage at the Beaches

You may recall that in early July we posted pictures of erosion at Cabin Point Beach, and the steps Jim Moore had added to facilitate access. In the last few weeks, there has been further erosion. We still hope Mother Nature will bring our sand back, but once Florence moves on we will probably be adding steps to the side of the existing walkway. These pictures were taken at near low tide on 9.16.2018. At high tide, the water is up to or over these steps. We may be losing more sand to the river, but much of it seems to have been pushed further up on the beach.

Posted 9.16.2018

At Glebe Beach (below) our new sand has been pushed back, but to my eye we haven’t lost much out into the river. The stonework seems to be doing its job.

At Crystal Lane Beach, it looks like we have lost a lot of sand.

But at Beaver Pond Beach, it looks like we have gained!