New “No Wake” Signs Are Up!

Last year, in response to member complaints, the GHCP Association board contacted the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) requesting enforcement of the “No Wake” zones in Aimes, Weatherall, and Cabin Point Creeks. DGIF reviewed the situation, but told us we needed new signs: “In order to effectively enforce waterway markers they must comply with the Code of Virginia.” DGIF helped us determine appropriate language, locations, and size for the new signs. Ed Stropko took the lead in designing and acquiring the signs, and recommending where to put them. This week, Buddy Axtell, Bob Dunn, Fred Selby, and Bill Spencer installed them. (The older signs have been left in place.)

“No wake” is defined as the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway. It is unlawful to operate any motorboat greater than no wake speed in areas marked with regulatory “No Wake” buoys, and to operate any motorboat greater than no wake speed when within 50 feet or less of docks, piers, boathouses, boat ramps, and people in the water. This includes jet skis and other personal watercraft.