Glebe Harbor Beach is OPEN

The replenished  Glebe Beach is now open for use by members and their guests. Over 2700 tons of sand were trucked in and used to restore much of the beach that had eroded over the past few years. New stone jetties have been erected to prevent further erosion, and are designed to help build up more sand.  The gaps in the jetties waves and tidal action to bring sand on to the beach. The idea is that as the water slows and flows out, sand will drop out and accumulate on the beach.  (The design of  the stone work at the Weatherall Creek spit is similar.)

Pictures are posted at:

The old walkway to Glebe Beach remains in place, but is in poor condition. We are asking for your thoughts on what should replace it, if anything. An observation deck perhaps? Send your ideas to

For those of you who park your trailers and vehicles at GH Beach, we will be marking out new spaces in the next couple of weeks and will let you know when those spaces are available.