Jeanne Axtell’s recent Welcome Letter  to property owners and the accompanying Property Owner Information Form have generated a few comments and questions:

Q: Do I still have to pay the $340 POA Membership Fee to use the facilities?

A: No, just the $190 Recreation Fee that was included in your December tax bill.

Q: I hate junk email. I’m afraid I’ll get too much if I don’t opt out of email.

A: We we are talking an average of less than one email per month. We are required by our bylaws to notify principle owners of annual meetings and any special meetings that may be held.  We also distribute a newsletter three of four times a year. Even if we allow for some special or catastrophic event could warrant notifying all owners, the emails will be few, relevant to your membership,  and will not try to sell you anything. We really want to save the dollar plus costs per letter we send and improve communications to all owners. We strongly encourage owners to rely on email communications.

Q: I don’t see a place for vehicle tag numbers or the names of my family members on the Property Owner’s Information Form. Why not?

A: Under the  Sanitary District, we will not be issuing decals for vehicles or collecting tag numbers, nor will we be issuing access cards with the name of every person in an owner’s family. The previous system generated over 2500 cards for some 350 full members; it simply would not be practical for 1400 lots.  Instead, the principle owner of each lot will be issued cards for the shared use of the owners their associates and guests.