Clubhouse Lounge Renovation

The Clubhouse Renovation Committee hosted Happy Hour on Tuesday, May 21st and took the opportunity to display their efforts with the updated lounge.  Bill Spencer chaired the Committee which included in alphabetical order:  Linda Boatman, Bill Bowling, Darlene Bowling, Teresa Edwards, Janice Fletcher, Tommy Long, Dee McNally, Fred Selby, Jessica Simpson, Jane Smith, Bill Spencer, Dot Spencer, Donna Townsend, and Dave White.  From the initial planning, to design, to sewing, painting, and building, the skill and professionalism of the volunteers resulted in an outstanding (nearly) finished product.  This is a shining example of what we mean by volunteer effort making things happen in GH-CP.  As a community, we are indebted to all these folks for offering their time, talents, and resources. Thank you!



































Posted 05.26.24