Post-Event Clean-Up Checklist

Attention all Happy Hour participants, book club members, pool players, karaoke singers, sewers, crafters, and everyone else using the clubhouse including private rentals.  There have been a few hiccups lately with clean-up; generally in the form of dirty dishes, counters, and floors.  Just a reminder that it is the responsibility of the sponsors of all clubhouse events to ensure that everything is left in good shape.  The following checklist is posted on the refrigerator in the kitchen to help you with clean-up.  Thanks, everyone; we appreciate your help in maintaining the clubhouse.

 Post-Event Clean-Up Checklist

Refrigerators are clean; no leftover food except as noted below.

Stove Tops & Ovens are clean.

Dishwashers are empty and clean.

Microwaves are clean.

Counter tops are clean and have been wiped down.

Any kitchen towels or cloths that have been used have been washed and returned to the clubhouse.

The  kitchen floor has been swept and mopped.

Rotunda floors (if used) have been mopped and vacuumed.

Tables in the Rotunda (if used) have been wiped down.

Lounge floors (if used) have been vacuumed.

Glass table tops have been cleaned (with window cleaner.)

All trash has been removed to the cans located behind the clubhouse.

Thermostats have been reset.


posted 03.20.24