Updates on Non-VDOT Road Repairs, Groin Replacement at Crystal Lane Beach, and Warning Sign at Betty’s Pond Entrance

The bulk of the road repairs for Erica Drive and Weatherall Drive are now completed.  Both roads are open for normal vehicular traffic.  Some additional gravel fill may be needed to address a few remaining potholes on both roads.  The remaining work and the costs are still under discussion with the contractor.

The groin replacement or repair project on Crystal Lane Beach is almost done.  Because of on-going erosion occurring at the north end of the beach, we are exploring options and costs to add some stone or rock to provide a short-term solution for stabilizing that section of the beach.  We’ll provide a more complete update when the entire project is completed.

The project also included placing a pole and sign at the entrance of Betty’s Pond to warn boaters of the danger from submerged rocks.  The pole and sign are being placed this week, adding to the safety of boaters on the water.


posted 02.28.24