Water Waze News August 2023 from Debbie Dever

NOTICE – BEACH CLEAN UP DAY OCTOBER 7TH – The July 1, 2023 beach cleanup day has been rescheduled for October 7th from 8:30 am – 10:30 am. Volunteers are needed for cleanup at both Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point Beaches.

Hopefully beach conditions will be favorable, as low tide on the 7th will occur at approximately 7:45 am. Volunteers who signed up for the July cleanup day will be notified of details. If you did not sign up for beach clean up and would like to participate, please call Debbie Dever at 703-298-0088 or email her at ddever@gmu.edu.

Please help keep the beaches and waterways clean – “Leave No Trace”.  Dispose of trash in the waste cans provided; however, if the cans are full, DO NOT pile trash up next to the cans. Take your trash with you. Trash piled up next to the cans attracts wild animals to the location.  Additionally, the cans are not for disposal of personal household trash.

posted 08.23.23