VA Recreational Crabbing Rules 2023

Crab season in Virginia waters runs from March 7 through November 30, 2023. It is illegal to place crab pots in Virginia tidal waters at any other time.

Crab pots should not be placed within boating channels within GHCP Creeks. Pots should be placed outside the channel allowing for 2 boats to safely pass without encountering crab pots. Pots placed within boating channels are subject to being moved without notice.  Be courteous when placing pots in front of other properties’ piers as to not block boat access to personal property.

No license is required for up to two commercial-style crab pots per person. These pots should be identified with name and marked with an R. As much as one bushel of hard crabs and two dozen peeler crabs in any one day are permitted for personal use.

Recreational crab pot licenses can be purchased for placement in the creeks. Only one recreational license per person can be purchased. A recreational license is issued for up to 5 pots. Crab pots should have a visible float with the last 4 digits of the owner’s SS# clearly marked on each float. 

For additional rules and licenses regarding crabbing in Virginia Tidal Waters:

posted 07.27.23