Pool Updates 6-21-23 – The First Day of Summer

It’s been a challenging start for the 2023 pool season, but we are finally well underway!  We managed to open on time despite having to replace our well pump.  Our opening day (featuring free food and 68 degree water) attracted 141 members and guests. But the extended cool weather has kept attendance low. In our first 15 days, we had 808 guests – about 60% of last year’s start.  So far, 42 children have passed our new swim test and about 75 children (and adults) have signed up for swim lessons.

The first phase of restoring hot water in the men’s and ladies’ restrooms has been completed.  On-demand propane hot water heaters have been installed, one for each restroom, to replace the existing 40-gallon electric hot water heaters that have not worked for the past several years. As part of an analysis of replacement options, the County agreed that on-demand water heaters were efficient, cost-effective, and appropriate to our needs.  The next phase is to change the plumbing to supply water to the heaters and route hot water from them to the fixtures in each restroom. This will also allow us to replace more of the existing copper pipe with PEX, and hopefully reduce the risk of freeze damage over the winter.

Every year it seems necessary to orient newer guests and members to some of our rules:

  1. Our pool rules require “children who are not reliably toilet trained must use a clean diaper covered by separate waterproof pants or a disposable swim diaper, all of which must fit snugly around the legs and waist.” Just to be clear, other “disposable” diapers are not allowed in the pool. The ONLY acceptable way to dispose of a diaper is by putting it in a trash can. We recently lost the use of the ladies’ restroom over a weekend because the toilet drains simply cannot accommodate anything more challenging than TP.  Please dispose accordingly!
  2. Smoking (and vaping) are prohibited in the clubhouse, at the picnic pavilion, on the pool decks (and in the pool.)
  3. No glass containers are allowed on the decks.
  4. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool itself.

Lastly, please remember that our guards are here to keep our pool safe, clean, and a pleasant place to be. They need and deserve your cooperation and support. If you have concerns about how they are performing their jobs, please speak to Brittney Cousins, Pool Manager, or any member of the Board of Directors, or call or email the Association Office.

posted 06.21.23