Glebe Harbor/Cabin Point Beach CLEAN Up Day has been postponed until fall

After walking the beach to evaluate the areas for clean-up, the following was observed:
a). The phragmites (invasive plant) which need to be cut have already bloomed so cutting needs to be delayed until fall.
b). The final groin repairs at Cabin Point beach need to be completed.
c). The beach foliage on both beaches is thick which will make it difficult to pick up trash.
d). The area where debris was to be piled would impede beach use on a holiday weekend.
Thank you to everyone who reached out to volunteer. I will also be sending volunteers an email notification.  The clean-up date will be scheduled in the fall after beach traffic settles down.
Have a great holiday weekend! Remember to support the July 1 pool cookout.
Thank You,
Debbie Dever