Many thanks to the volunteers who worked so hard to get the pool ready for our pool’s 55th season!

Every year, it takes over 300 hours contributed by dozens of volunteers to get the pool ready for the summer. And this year was complicated by delays caused by the failure of our well pump. But we managed to open on Saturday, due to the time and effort contributed by Buddy Axtell, Theresa Carr, Britany Cousins, Bob Dunn, Brian Gerber, Phillye Gifford, John Gold, Kathy Gold, Muriel Hammer, Bob Harris, Lydia Hawkins, William Hood, Tommy Long, Kevin Luccio, Clayton Marshall, Kait McClair, Maggie McClair, Theresa Merritt, Gary Palsgrove, Mary Palsgrove, Janet Payne, Raegan Rotramel, Tom Schaefer, Fred Selby , Abby Spencer, Bill Spencer, Dot Spencer, Wayne Spencer, Scott Thomas, Wanda Thomas, Dawn Wharton, Barbie White and Dave White.

Thanks again to all who continue to contribute their time, attention and efforts to make Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point a Great Place to Live!

posted 06.01.23