What’s New (and not) at the Pool for 2023

We have a new Manager!

Brittany Cousins, a mom living here in Glebe Harbor will be managing our pool this year and supervising a staff of six guards.  Brittany has worked tirelessly with Bill Spencer and the pool crew to open the pool on time. Please introduce yourself the next time you see her at the pool.

We have a new Pool Coordinator!

Kathy Gold has taken over the Pool Coordinator role and will be coordinating events, rules, and general procedures and policies at the pool.  Thanks to Dot Spencer for doing this job for so many years; Kathy has big shoes to fill.

We have some changes to make swimming safer for our younger guests.

  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person at least 14 years old.
  • Children under the age of 12 may not swim in the deep section (10 foot) of the pool unless they have passed a new swim test administered by the Pool Manager or her designee. A sponsoring adult must accompany the child to the test and must fill out an emergency contact information card for the child.
  • Children who pass the swim test will be issued a waterproof numbered wristband to wear at the pool as proof of having passed the swim test. The number on the band will be entered on the child’s emergency contact card for reference in case of an emergency.

Some things haven’t changed.

  • Valid access cards are required to use the pool. One person in any group of users must present a valid access card and vouch for the others in their group.
  • Our concession stand will be available offering drinks and snacks.
  • Our plans to replace the hot water heaters for the restrooms have been delayed, in part by the distraction and cost of replacing the well pump, but we hope to get that back on track soon.
  • No glass containers are allowed anywhere inside the pool fence.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in a newly designated area where the bicycle stand used to be. (The bike stand has been moved next to the entrance gate to the pool.)
  • We will continue to rely on volunteers to help keep the pool safe, clean, and running smoothly. If you would like to be a part of our pool support group, contact Bill Spencer, 443 540 0413.

Morning water exercise classes will return:

  • Dawn Wharton’s Water Finess Class will meet at 9:00am, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each class starts with a warm up, and includes cardiovascular, muscular, and weight loss exercises, followed by a cool down.  Let Dawn help you keep your bones and joints healthy!!
  • Linda Steele’s Water Exercise Class will meet at 9:00am, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Both Dawn and Linda plan to hold classes this week, weather permitting.

And Swim Lessons are back and growing!

Red Cross Certified swimming lessons are now being scheduled for children and adults.  We have classes from 11 – 1 pm and 4pm – 6 pm. We have two instructors – Kathy Gold and Brittany Cousins, our pool manager. The cost of the lessons is $30 for group lessons and $45 for private lessons. Please contact Kathy for more information at  703-282-4078 or kathy@kathygoldcde.org.

Posted 5.25.23