Highlights of the 1-9-23 Board of Directors Meeting

Community Forum

Member Tracy Milne attended the Community Forum and offered her services to improve the appearance around the shed in back of the clubhouse, improve the garden area around the GH-CP sign, and to volunteer to keep the communication board outside the clubhouse up to date.  Many thanks to Tracy, our volunteer extraordinaire!  As a reminder, the Community Forum is held at the very beginning of the meeting and is open to any member who wishes to bring a matter before the Board.  Additionally, matters of concern can be emailed to us at GHCPAssoc@gmail.com.

Money Matters

Treasurer Fred Selby and the Board have been busy reviewing our available funds and project priorities for the remainder of this fiscal year as well as for FY 2023-2024 (which starts July 1).

Signage and Access to the Beaches

     “Keep Off the Rocks” signs are now needed at the newly restored Cabin Point Beach and will be placed at the groins.  We are awaiting approval by the County of suggested guidelines for controlling entrance to the beaches.

Guidelines for Short-Term Renters

     We are also awaiting approval from the County for a set of guidelines developed for vacationers and short-term rentals in our community.