Highlights of the December 12, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

Securing Access to the Beaches – All suggestions presented to the Board by Debbie Dever and voiced by members at the December 3rd meeting were reviewed.  The Board agreed on the use of access cards for the beaches similar to what is required for admittance to the pool.  The Board will pursue various means of securing access including hiring off-duty deputies and use of paid or volunteer people to check access cards.  There will be much more information forthcoming as we get closer to the opening of the summer season.  Stay tuned!

Sanitary District Rules – The updated rules have been cleared with the County Administrator and are now posted on the website under the ABOUT US tab.  Further approved changes associated with securing access at the beaches will be incorporated in the next update.

Guidelines for Vacationers and Short-term Rentals – Revision of the guidelines continues.  Once completed and approved by the County, they will be distributed to owners of short-term rentals.