Highlights of the November 14, 2022 BOD Meeting

Community Forum – During the community forum, Debbie Dever presented the Board with concerns regarding maintenance of the beaches and a list of potential actions that might be taken to control beach access.  She encouraged the Board to be proactive in putting new measures in place ahead of the 2023 Memorial Day weekend.  The Board agreed some action needs to be taken and will pursue viable ideas for consideration by the County.

Note:  The Community Forum is available at every meeting. It occurs at the beginning of every meeting so members can bring forward any concerns.  If in-person attendance is not possible, concerns can be emailed to  GHCPAssoc@gmail.com .

Money Matters – The Oyster Roast generated funds from business and personal donations as well as a raffle of donated items.  The Board agreed to establish a Community Outreach Fund to handle these proceeds.

Rules – The Board is updating the Rules for SD Recreational Facilities and assembling a guideline for vacationers and short-term renters.  These will need to be approved by the County.

Survey – Preliminary and background information from previous surveys was reviewed.  Development of questions for the 2022-2023 survey is underway.