2022 Oyster Roast – A Huge Success

We would like to thank the volunteers who devoted much time and energy to making the 2022 Oyster Roast such a huge success.  A special thank you to Kathy and John Gold for their leadership in organizing and managing this event.    It is so exciting to see the community come together and enjoy an afternoon of camaraderie, food, drink, and prize winning.

We would especially like to acknowledge the efforts of Kim Powell and Ronnie Voss who were responsible for gathering all the prizes for our raffle. Bonnie Luccio and Kim also did a great job decorating. Our set up committee of Dave White, Kim and Charles Powell, Bonnie and Kevin Luccio, Sean and Tina Spears worked very hard moving furniture and creating a great space for a fantastic party.

Dawn Wharton and her team of fryers – Susan Ewing, Ronnie Voss, John Paul Delort, Kelly Rudnick, Peggy Deare, Terry and Brett Billington, Carolyn Barranca, Charlie Milewlski, and Dave and Barbie White – cooked up some fabulous fried oysters. Most impressive; they were so efficient there was no line!!

Ray Herron, the King of Oysters, quietly built his fire and steamed the oysters to perfection. Sylvester Hackett, our shucker, is a true master. Our team of roasters did an awesome job grilling the oysters to perfection with all sorts of tasty toppings. Don Hess, Angi and CC Murphy, Jose Torres, Mike Fletcher, Tommy Long, Charles Powell, Scott Synott, Charles Ewing, and Bob Frank are all master grillers. Thanks for a job well done.  Also, a shout-out to Kraig Kirschenbauer for saving the day when we ran out of propane; he quickly replaced the tank.

Our ticket folks worked the entire time.  Elizabeth Harris, Guy Nolan, and Fred Selby sold many raffle and 50/50 tickets. Congratulations to Scott Synott for his 50/50 win. Kevin and Bonnie Luccio were awesome promoters of our fundraising efforts by coaxing all attendees to give generously, which they did.

Our barbeque provided by Sid and Penny Mace (Heathsville Tavern Barbeque King) was delicious.  Our barbeque servers – Karen Ramming, Donna Townsend, Marion and Peggy Dongieux, Jenny Fortney, Courtney Greer, and Marty Synott – filled our plates with mouth-watering barbeque, coleslaw, and baked beans.

And last but not least, our stellar clean up committee put everything back in ship-shape order, scrubbing a mountain of pots and pans, emptying trash and putting all those tables and chairs away.  By the end of the afternoon everything was back in place.  Karen Kirschenbauer, Jane Smith, Ashley Ziviello, Marcia Keener, Seth Craig, Bill Spencer, and several folks just pitched in to get the job done.

We may have missed naming a volunteer or two;  if so, we apologize.  Your efforts were appreciated, as many individuals just stepped up and helped at the event. Everyone, thank you all for the time and effort you put into this event.

As the primary fundraiser for the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Association, your contribution and participation at the Oyster Roast supports on-going social and community activities within Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point.  This year, we also raised just over $1000 for others outside our community with the raffle ($700) and direct donations ($320) by individual businesses.

One final note:  On behalf of the Glebe Harbor – Cabin Point Community, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following businesses and individuals for their contributions to the 2022 Oyster Roast Raffle:  Allegiance Title Ins. Agency, Angelo’s Restaurant, Bonnie Luccio, C&F Bank, Carol Shackleford, Colonial Collectibles, Dot Spencer, Food Lion, Fran Beach, Hearts in Motion, John and Kathy Gold, Kim Powell, Lois Produce (Montross), Magnum RV, Marty Synott, Miss Lora’s Flowers & Gifts, Murphy Seed, Northern Neck News, Northern Neck Popcorn, O’Biers Tire & Auto, Party Box, Sophia Dmuchowski, Sue Oliveri, The Art of Coffee, Two Fish Bistro & Tackle, Uni Tea & Coffee Co., Waving Me Crazy – Stylist Vaynece Lewis, and Waving Me Crazy Hair Salon.

Their contributions to the raffle and direct donations made it possible to raise additional funds to provide swimming instruction for those who cannot afford the cost of lessons and to meet the needs of others outside our community.  Please make an effort to thank these businesses and individuals for their contribution and willingness to support this fundraiser.

Thanks to all who supported us and see you next year.