Glebe Harbor Civic Association News for September 2022



The GHCA would like to thank Bonnie and Kevin Luccio for their continued service to others.  Bonnie and Kevin have, for several years, been the keepers of the Glebe Harbor gates at the front entrance to our community.  They look after the plants, provide for their growth and replace plants when needed.  They ensure the gates themselves stay freshly painted and maintained so that everything looks well-kept and attractive.  Thank you to the Luccios for providing this service to our community that all can be proud of and enjoy.


Commercial Businesses

Glebe Harbor’s Covenant #3 says in part: “No part of said premises shall be used for commercial or manufacturing purposes.”  Please, folks, do not use your home or lot in our community for business purposes!

Leash Law

Dogs are to be kept on a leash when being walked and under voice control if loose and in your yard.  It is the law and if you do not obey, anyone who sees a transgression has the right to report it to the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office.  No one likes reporting a neighbor for a violation but when a problem persists, please, for the sake of your pet, other’s pets, and the offending pet, call the Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 804-493-8066 and report the problem.

Pet Ownership Responsibilities

For the dog walkers that allow your pets to use other people’s yards as their pet’s private bathrooms, please pick up after your pet!  With the privilege of owning a pet comes responsibilities and cleaning up after a pet is one of them.  If interested, Amazon sells plastic pet waste bags starting at $7.00 for 150 bags.  Do the right thing pick up after your pet.  Your neighbors will appreciate it!!