Good News from the Pool!

The Pool is No Longer Leaking!

It appears that the water loss we observed earlier this summer was due primarily to a failed selector valve for the wading pool. Because the two pools are connected, this would have pulled water from the main pool as well. The selector valve was replaced on July 13, and over the past week, water loss has been minimal, and consistent with normal evaporation.

We Have A Pool Manager!

It has  become apparent that with increased use – especially by young children – that we need more hands-on leadership, supervision, and training to maintain a safe, clean and fun experience for our mambers. One of our  lifeguards, CJ Hodges, has agreed to take on these responsibilities as Pool Manager for the remainder of the year.

As our Director for Facilities, Bill will continue to help operate the pool and support pool staff. But CJ’s training and experience as a lifeguard make her the right person to lead staff scheduling and pool operations on the deck, where it really counts.

Pool Use Is Up!

Through last week, overall attendance is up by about 4% over last year. Of course, weather and other factors make a big difference year to year, but there has been a good and consistently high turnout. We also track how many people are in each ground checking in. This year, the number of people in a group is up by 10%, which might be suggest that those of us who think the number of children at the pool this year is higher than in the past may well be correct!

(Posted 7.23.22)