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Many property owners are unaware of the covenants that convey with each lot within Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point.  For various reasons, many real estate transactions are executed without conveying the covenants that run with the property.  By this notice, the two Civic associations, charged with enforcing the covenants, wish to inform the owners of the mowing covenant requirements and penalties for violations.

What does this mean for you, as a lot owner, in Glebe Harbor or Cabin Point?  It means that all lot owners are required by Covenant #11 in Glebe Harbor and Covenant #12 in Cabin Point, to keep the grass mowed to a height not to exceed 8 inches, as defined in the mowing covenant.

To which lots do the mowing Covenants apply?  The mowing covenants apply to all lots within each subdivision – improved, unimproved and wooded (from tree line to roads edge).  Failure to follow this rule will result in court action being taken against the lot owner by the applicable Civic Association, as has occurred in past years.  Such actions cause legal and financial issues, and a drain on the Association finances which are funded by Association member dues.

How are lots identified?  Improved lots (with houses) are assumed to be maintained by owner(s)/occupants or by arrangement with a mowing agent of choice.  Regarding vacant, unimproved lots, your Civic Association will conduct a property survey with its mowing agent to determine, after an exchange of correspondence with the owner(s), which lots will be maintained by the lot owners(s).

What happens if owners fail to comply with the mowing covenant?  Those owners who elect to maintain their lot(s) and fail to do so will be sent a letter around the first of May from the Civic Association noting this violation and assigning a 14-day interval in which the property must be brought into covenant compliance.  If the violation persists, the Association will assign a mowing agent to mow the lot, and the owner(s) will be billed for the service throughout the time that the property remains in violation.  If the owner(s) do not pay the mowing agent, a warrant will be issued and a lien will be put on the property for the amount of the cost of mowing and court fees.

For what purpose is this enforcement done?  Our Boards are legally charged to enforce these covenants to keep our property values up and show to all that we take pride in our respective communities.  We expect others to do the same.  We sincerely hope that each and every lot owner understands the need for lot maintenance so that our communities continue to be the desirable and well-kept communities we all bought into.  Ours are not communities for individuals but communities for all.

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