Our Community is Powered by Volunteers

In our February NEWS email, we told you that we would be reaching out to members who had in the past few years expressed an interest in volunteering. We want to give all members a chance to see what we sent them directly:

“It’s a simple fact that the amenities and quality of life we enjoy here in GHCP depends on the support of volunteers. The purposes of the Volunteer Opportunity interest group are to reach out for the volunteer effort needed to sustain what we are doing, and more importantly to create opportunities for members who would like to become more active in helping determine how we move forward as a community.

Whatever your contribution might be – picking up a shovel, stuffing envelopes, shopping for best values on line, organizing activities at the pool, taking the lead for a project, offering website or IT support, or something else – we would love to find a niche that is of interest to you.

Click HERE  to read about some of the projects and Volunteer Opportunities we have in the works.

We hope the Volunteer Opportunities interest group will prove to be a good way for members to learn more, and keep in touch with opportunities to contribute. There’s no obligation to respond to this or any future emails. You can opt in or out of receiving additional emails at any time – without unsubscribing from the things you have been receiving. Just click on update your preferences at the bottom of this email.

Thanks for your interest in keeping GHCP A Great Place to Live!”

If you would like to be added to this Group, just click on this link, enter your email address, and check the Volunteer Opportunities box at the bottom.

(Posted 3.10.22)