Cabin Point/Glebe Harbor Civic Associations – Joint January 2022 News

This is a joint Cabin Point/Glebe Harbor Civic Association article.  Both associations have similar issues and it is felt that a joint message addressing these issues is preferable over two redundant articles.

As we enter the new year, we thank those who have thus far joined the civic associations, and look forward to more of you joining so we can benefit from not only your dues, but your creative suggestions for making Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point better.

Each civic association will have two positions on the board of directors coming open when the summer membership meeting takes place.  The COVID blight has curtailed practically all social interaction and thus we have been unable to meet new residents/owners.  This is an unfortunate two-way street in that you may have questions about the community that go unanswered and we can’t meet new folks to determine their interests and perspectives on our community.  Each association board has directors/officers that have served multiple terms, and age and fatigue are taking their toll.  We badly need new folks to step up and prepare for the future.

Each association had approximately 50 to 70 property transfers last year which is impressive growth.  Please take an interest in the community – if you are at all interested in the board, a committee or any other way to contribute, please send an email to for Cabin Point, and for Glebe Harbor.  We will be happy to discuss any item of interest with you.

This is a reminder that Westmoreland County has a Leash Law which effects both Glebe harbor and Cabin Point communities.  There was a recent dog biting incident where an unleashed dog left its yard and bit its neighbor.  Please keep your pets leashed while walking or in your own yard if you do not have a fence.

For the sake of the humans in our community as well as for the sake of your pet – PLEASE obey the Leash Law.