Engineering Study for Cabin Point Beach, Cabin Point Creek and Inlet Channel

The initial engineering study is completed and the construction design plan for living shoreline breakwaters has been developed.  In September, the proposed plan was submitted to the VMRC and the Army Corps of Engineers for approval and permitting.  Once the plan is approved and the permits are in hand, then bids can be solicited for build-out construction of the living shoreline.  This will address long-term erosion control problems on the Cabin Point Beach property.  The plan includes some modification to the Cabin Point Creek inlet channel entrance to mitigate sand deposits by wind and tide.

Initial funding for this study was provided in the FY 2020-2021 budget.  The County’s application for a proposed $550,000 loan from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund (VCWRLF) was approved.  This reimbursable loan program secures low-cost funding to investigate erosion issues and the use of living shoreline techniques to replenish and protect the Cabin Point Beach area.  We expect that the loan program will reimburse the County for the funds already expended on this project, freeing those funds for use on other Sanitary District waterway and shoreline projects.