Order on the Courts!

The GHCP courts are open to all members, lessees, and their invited guests who want to play Tennis or Pickleball. The two courts are available as follows:

  1. Open Play Pickleball Sessions occur most weekday mornings Spring-Fall between 8-10am. (During cooler months, the hours shift to later in the day.)
  •  All are welcome to come out to learn and/or play Pickleball; you don’t need a foursome as people rotate on and off the courts after each game in Open Play.
  • All Open Play Sessions are open to all players.  Generally, more experienced players are at the Monday/Wednesday Open Play. Less experienced players and Beginners favor the Tuesday/Thursday Open Play sessions.
  •  Fridays may see a drop in Open Play attendance as some players opt to play indoors at the Montross YMCA.
  • In the instance of high turnout to an Open Session, in lieu of playing the full game of 11 points, a shorter game will be played ( to 7 or 9 points depending on how many are waiting to play).
  • Generally, two players will rotate in / out after each game with winners staying on the court for up to 3 games in a row before rotating out.
  1. The courts are available for personally arranged games / matches during all other daylight hours.  In the event all courts are in use and folks arrive hoping to play either Tennis or Pickleball, please limit total court time to 90 minutes and let the newcomers know how much time remains in your 90 minute window.