Highlights of the June 14, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Organizational Meeting:  This was an organizational meeting following the election of directors as required in the by-laws.  The following members were re- elected to their positions:

President – Jeanne Axtell

Vice President for Operations and Facilities – Bill Spencer

Treasurer – Fred Selby

Secretary – Barbara Cole

The current 9 member Board consists of Jeanne Axtell, Bill Spencer, Fred Selby, Barbara Cole, Linda Whittaker, Harriet Dixon, Angi Murphy, John Hutt, and Jack O’Neil.

 Planning:   Accomplishments of the previous year were reviewed along with discussion of the current and future challenges facing the board.  Goals for the new fiscal year were reviewed and it was agreed that the list of goals and projects from the current year would be carried over and pursued.  New goals were briefly discussed along with funding for pending projects.