GHCP Association: May News

Covid Restrictions Lifted & Vaccination Reminder

On Friday, May 28, all remaining Covid mitigation measures related to social distancing and capacity restrictions were lifted in Virginia.  For the GHCP community, this signals a return to more normal use of the indoor Clubhouse facilities.  Compliance is expected with masking and other guidance as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and any executive orders that are in effect.   We trust members of the GHCP community to exercise appropriate care for their personal health and safety and that of their families, guests, and neighbors.  Currently, the use of masks in indoor and outdoor settings in the GHCP community is optional.

Westmoreland County is offering Covid-19 vaccination shots at the A. T. Johnson Building in Montross, VA.  Usually, the vaccination clinic is open on Thursdays.  If you have not yet been vaccinated, we encourage you to do so.  Information on the vaccination clinic and times may be found on the County website (  For additional information and scheduling, contact the County Administrator’s office at 804-472-0130.

GHCP Board Meetings

The GHCP Board of Directors has now resumed regular in-person, monthly meetings at the Clubhouse.  The Board regularly meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Clubhouse (except December).  The meetings are open to all members.  A community forum segment is scheduled at the beginning of each meeting to hear from community members.  If you have an issue, suggestion, or concern you would like addressed by the board, but are unable to attend in-person, you can contact us at  The board will take up the issue and respond directly to you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE:  The June 14 meeting of the board is closed for election of officers to serve for the upcoming year.  The board meetings will be opened again in July.