Cabin Point Civic Association: April News

“At the last Cabin Point Civic Association (CPCA) meeting before the pandemic – a long time ago – there was discussion about the need for more communication among the community.  This has been an issue that the CPCA board of directors has grappled with for some time.  Our communication tools are the CPCA email site – which is rarely used by the residents, the Glebe Pointer and the annual report/membership drive letter that is sent to all property owners at the end of the year.  We are now delighted to see the Glebe Harbor Cabin Point Association (GHCPA) sending out a periodic newsletter, and the civic associations have been invited to send items for inclusion in it.  This is most welcome, as our social interaction has been shut down by the virus, thus preventing in-person meeting and the ability to meet newcomers.

We note that the growing season is upon us, and the lawn service will be getting under way soon.  In the meantime, absentee owners’ lots may grow long, so some patience may be in order until the mowing program commences.  Additionally, when you mow, it is always helpful to the dog walkers and the overall street appearance to trim a little extra along the street shoulders.

As the civic associations primarily deal with covenant enforcement, there are few showstopper items to report to the community, but we will endeavor to remind our owners of items of interest.  As always, we welcome ideas and suggestions from the community.”