Highlights of the February 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Spring is Coming….. and we are getting ready to do some sprucing up.  Bill Spencer, your VP for Operations and Facilities, is busy

  • Identifying trees that need trimming
  • Adding some additional boat storage areas
  • Improving the playground area with equipment safety checks, painting, and adding wood chips or mulch to help with the wet areas
  • Replacing worn out or out of date signage and adding some new signage at the clubhouse, pool, beaches, and boat ramps.


The County is reviewing bids for the Cabin Point Beach Engineering Study and determining how a loan from the Department of Environmental Quality might cover the cost.  Funding sources are also being explored to enable dredging of the Cabin Point Creek secondary channels.

Money Matters

Treasurer Fred Selby reports that we are roughly 5% behind in payment of Recreational User Fees compared to this time last year.  That translates to roughly $23,000 less income to the Sanitary District.  Our SD budget proposal was due to the County February 17th and is essentially the same as last year.

Nominating Committee

Fred Selby was appointed Chair of the Nominating Committee and Linda Whittaker as an additional Board representative.  They will be seeking 3 other non-board members to serve on this committee.  Three terms are coming to an end and elections will be held in June.  If you are interested in running for the Board, please contact Fred or Linda.  If they call you to serve, please consider saying yes!

Future Plans

Various committees are working on holding a new member orientation event as well as reviewing/revising our various communication tools.  Watch for upcoming announcements as we get a handle on what the pandemic will allow us to do.


And speaking of future plans, the Board relies on your input in determining what projects to undertake and how to best serve you.  By now you should have received a link to a survey. Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback via this survey.  It is open through March 10th.