A beautiful day in the neighborhood…for volunteers helping to keep our community looking nice!

Glebe Harbor Beach — On Saturday, sixteen young cedars and ten pines were planted along the existing tree line leading to the beach area. A special word of thanks to John Hutt for bringing his tractor and backhoe, and to Bill Spencer for picking up and delivering the trees. Other volunteers were Fred Selby, Jim Amery, Bob Dunn, and Buddy & Jeanne Axtell.

Glebe Harbor Entrance Roads — A clean-up organized by Dana Tucker to pick up the trash from the ditch line along Glebe Harbor Drive and into the first streets into the community. Thank you, Dana and Liz, for organizing this effort and for the fellowship extended to the volunteers – Kathleen Long, Wendi Mattingly and Janice.

Cabin Point Beach — A clean-up organized by Debbie Dever to ready areas of the beach for sand from the dredging project at Cabin Point Creek inlet channel. Thank you, Debbie, for organizing this effort. And thanks to Mike Thomson and his chain saw for dealing with the large tree that floated up on the beach!

(Posted 11.9.20)