GHCP Pool Will Open!

We are excited to be able to announce a limited opening of the GHCP pool at Noon on Monday, June 15. However, the Virginia Department of Health Phase 2 Guidelines for outdoor pool introduce some restrictions for that will limit some of our normal activities.

What will be possible:

The Phase 2 guidelines allow our pool to be used for lap swimming, instruction and exercise. There are also rules that persons must be 10 feet away from each other, unless they are part of a household unit or family. We have divided our pool up to make this possible.

  • We will have 5 lap lanes. According to the guidelines, a maximum of three people can use a lap lane at one time. The remaining areas of the pool will be divided into four exercise areas. These mini-pools are 11 feet wide, and are 30-40 feet long. There is a ten foot area zoned off to ensure that people using one exercise area are 10 feet away from those in the other area. People in the same household use these spaces.
  • The wading pool is a fifth zone can for a family or folks from the same household
  • There will be a reservation system. Stay tuned for details.
  • Reservation blocks will begin on each hour. Members may use the area for 45 minutes; the remaining 15 minutes allow for disinfecting the area, making the transition, and a lifeguard break.

What won’t be possible:

  • No concession stand, bring your own drinks (no glass) and snacks
  • No ping pong
  • No water volleyball
  • No noodles and toys available, bring your own
  • No access to the Clubhouse
  • No potluck dinners, ice cream socials or Blue Moon nights
  • There will be a limit to the number of people allowed at the pool at any one time.

Our goal is allow members the greatest possible access to our GHCP amenities, consistent with personal safety and good stewardship of our resources. The pool is one of our best assets!

We will be posting more information about the pool on the GHCP Clubhouse bulletin board, the GHCP Pool Facebook page, and the Website.

Keeping our pool open under these restrictions will require cooperation from all of our members. Let’s work together to ensure that this can happen.

(Posted 6.10.2020)