Highlights from the May 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

Highlights from the May 11, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

 Coming Soonish – Tired of having to fill out a new proxy for every General Membership Meeting?  Virginia Law permits a proxy good for 11 months.  We are working to provide a proxy that would, ideally, begin with the normal June Meeting and Election of Officers and extend through the Fiscal Year.  This year, Corona virus is interfering with our timing for the 2020 General Meeting and Election of Officers and the implementation of this new proxy.  Stay tuned for more information.

Sewer Connection – The Board is working with the County to fund sewer connections to the pool and clubhouse, and to run an electrical line to the shed behind the pool.

Pool Prep – Corona virus guidelines are hampering many aspects of life.  While the pool opening is postponed, the Board has approved moving forward with all preparations to be ready to open if we are permitted to do so by the County and Public Health Authorities.  The well pump was shocked with chlorine and the standing water in the pool is being pumped out to make ready for a fresh water fill.

Funds – The County Board of Supervisors approved the SD FY 2020-2021 Budget Request; the RUF remains at $200.  The GHCP Association Board has begun discussions of how to fund the high priority projects remaining for 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Cabin Point Beach –The County hired Brandon Basar Construction to undertake the most critical groin repairs along CP Beach.  Work should begin soon.

Cabin Point Creek Inlet Channel – VMRC (Virginia Marine Resources Commission) has informed us that because the inlet channel is manmade,  and the dredged material is to be placed on the Association’s beach property, no permit is necessary.  VMRC’s determination means that the Association and Sanitary District are allowed to dredge the inlet channel and place dredged material on the adjacent beach when the need arises and funding is available.    No decision has been made to dredge at this time, but  not having to go through the permit process will reduce costs and effort for future work.

Glebe Harbor Beach – The landscape remediation plan for Glebe Harbor Beach submitted to County Land Use was approved on May 5th.

(Posted 5.22.2020)