Glebe Harbor Beach Pier Removed

This week, volunteers demolished and removed the remnants of the pier at GH Beach. Thanks go to Jim Amery, PeterBinsley, Bob Dunn, Jean Paul Delort, Ray Herron, John Hutt, Dillard Laughlin, Fred Selby, Bill Spencer, Mike Sullivan, and to Dana Tucker for also planning the effort.

I don’t know when it was built, but Google Earth shows in was in place by December, 2002. Back then, it was 145 feet long and extended over the water. Over the years, storms eroded the beach and destroyed much of the pier. The structure that remained was just 80 feet long and had become more of a danger than an asset to the community.

We were unable to extract the pilings, but protruding nails and bolts have been removed, and pilings have been wrapped in yellow caution tape.  But please be careful when you visit the beach – many only a foot or two tall and might go unnoticed.  We will take another shot at removing the pilings in the Spring. (Posted 1.24.2020)