Capital Improvement Planning


The Association’s Board of Directors has prepared a proposed 5-year capital improvement plan to the County to begin the future planning process for capital projects.   The plan is based on the first five years of the 2016 capital planning study (an independent engineering estimate of the future costs of maintaining the recreational facilities), along with estimates for costs associated with dredging and beach replenishment projects (not originally included in the 2016 capital improvement study because these projects do not have a predictable expenditure cycle). 

It is anticipated that the Board of Supervisors will consider this proposed Capital Improvement Plan as a basis for setting priorities and making long-term plans about how the recreational assets in our community may be maintained. It is important to note that this is not a decision to fund maintenance or capital improvement — no expenditure decisions have been made.  Rather, it is simply a decision to acknowledge these projects and related expenditures  are needed to maintain the recreational assets in an acceptable condition. This is a first step for the Sanitary District to be able to research alternative funding mechanisms for projects which are determined to be a priority by the members of the community.

We will continue to provide regular updates to the members as this critical issue is moved forward. (posted 4.15.19)