Please Protect Our Boat Ramps!

A quick reminder for all boaters using the Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point boat ramps.  These ramps are not designed to withstand the force generated by the practice of “power loading” which can cause damage to launch ramps below the water’s surface.  “Power loading” is a term used to describe using the motor to load and unload the boat onto and off the trailer.  The propeller wash created by power loading may create sufficient force to erode the creek bottom and wash out the base of the boat ramp.  The best practice is for boaters to use the winch to load and unload the boat from the trailer.  If you should need to use any power to move the boat onto your trailer, use only slightly more than idle speed.  That is all that is necessary for safely loading and unloading a boat from the trailer.  Let’s do all we can to ensure the boat ramp facilities we have are maintained in good working order.
Some excellent resources about launching and retrieving boats at ramps may be found on line. One is from Boat US at
Enjoy your late summer and fall boating!