Summary of the August 13, 2018 Association Board Meeting

As part of the Association Board’s commitment to improving communications with members,  we post a brief summary of our Board meetings on this site.  Here’s a summary of our most recent meeting:

Next Meetings:

August 25th 2018 General Membership Meeting: The General Membership Meeting is Saturday, August 25, 2018, and 9:30am, in the Clubhouse, 751 Glebe Harbor Drive. If you are not attending and wish to provide your proxy, the form is available on this web site, under the Forms tab).   Proxies may be delivered in person, by mail, or  email to  Proxies must be received at the Association office no later than close of business on August 17, 2018.

September 10, 2018 Association Board Meeting: Meetings are open to all members. The next meeting is September 10, 2018, at 6:30pm in the clubhouse. Please attend the Community Comment section at the start of the meeting to share your thoughts and questions and feel free to stay and observe your board in action on the business of our community.

Highlights of August 13, 2018 Board Meeting: 

Community Comments: No members attended and no matters were submitted to the Board for its consideration at this meeting.

Funds Available from Bond Financing:  Approximately $21,000 is unspent from the bond financing for the dredging and beach replenishment project (source: Westmoreland County).  These monies may be spent for other related waterway projects.

Mosquito Control:  The Altosid XR Mosquito Control Briquettes will be installed in the marshy areas adjacent to the Glebe Harbor Beach this week.  Also, up to 5 briquettes (per household) are available free of charge to residents from the Extension Office (804-493-8924), at the A.T. Johnson building. Supplies are limited, but most lots in GHCP will not need as many as 5 briquettes.

Pool Update:

Major Pool Refurbishment Planning:  Preliminary meetings between the County and Board members have begun to develop a Request for Proposals for work which will include tile repair, resurfacing/painting, and repair of concrete coping around the pool. Work is planned to begin after Labor Day and be completed before the pool opens for its 51st season on Memorial Day, 2019.

New Pool Manager Appointed:  David Siddeley (aka “Sid”) has been appointed to Pool Manager effective immediately.  He’s committed to manage the pool next season and will begin recruiting pool attendants as this season ends.

Disposal of Pool Water: In last month’s Community Comments session, a member raised concerns about how we dispose of pool water. We have now confirmed with the county that our current practices (pumping out over the grassy areas adjacent to the pool) are appropriate.

Under Consideration: 

YMCA Request to Use Pool for School District Swim Lessons: The YMCA, with the support of the Westmoreland School Board, has asked us to consider making our pool available to provide swimming lessons to 2nd grade children in Westmoreland County.  They now conduct a program for Richmond County 2nd graders at the Northumberland YMCA. Lessons would be offered to up to 110 children (in groups of 30) over 8 days between May 28-June 7, 2019.

The Board is enthused about this opportunity to support the school district and the second graders and has undertaken to study the matter to thoroughly address operational details such as liability and risk considerations, compliance with the requirements of our tax-exempt status as a 501(c)7 social club, and any requirements arising from the Sanitary District agreements.

Update on Pending Matters:

Crystal Lane Beach:  Awaiting cost comparison of sand vs soil to backfill erosion.

Rules for Use of Recreational Facilities:  Awaiting the County Attorney’s review of the SD Rules (posted on the web site, under the Sanitary District tab.)


We.Are.Listening Feedback Process Established:  To improve member’s ability to share suggestions, complaints, questions or compliments directly with the board of directors at any time, we will be going live this week with a new feedback tool on our website.  If members request it, we will respond to then directly. Periodically, a summary of input will be posted to the Association website with short articles responding to matters of immediate interest to the members. Please give it a try.

GHCP News Update:  We are delighted to see the members’ response to last month’s “GHCP News Update” email posted through the member email addresses and the Glen-Net.  The Update resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic to our website as we had 348 hits the next day, well above our previous high of 136.  Traffic remained about our previous high for the next four days.

Monthly Communications:  We will continue to post summaries of  our Assocation board meetings on this web site. We will also send out periodic GHCP News Update emails to alert members to new website content of potential interest.

Website Updates:  We continue to update and improve our website.  Please browse the site and feel free to send us your recommendations and suggestions for further enhancement.