Pool Use Outside of Normal Hours

New rules for the 2019 season pilot pool use before normal opening hours

 In response to requests from members for increased access to the pool, the GHCP Board has recommended and the County Administrator has approved rule changes to allow a pilot of limited morning use of the pool when no lifeguard is on duty.

Pool Use Outside of Normal Hours of Operations – Limited use of the pool outside of normal operating hours is permitted in certain circumstances. No Lifeguards will be on duty and use of the pool is at the risk of the user. The GH-CP Sanitary District and the GHCP Association are not responsible for personal injury or for the loss, theft or damage, to personal property resulting from use of any GH-CP SD facilities:

Organized Events:

  • Morning Water Exercise Classes are normally held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 9am-10am. These classes are open to owners, members of their households, and guests.
  • Users are responsible for signing in and out, locking up, and notifying the Office of any problems encountered. Lap lanes are also available during those times.

Unattended use of the pool by individuals

Owners, members of their households and guests may access the pool through the clubhouse before normal opening hours whenever the clubhouse is open for other purposes. During unattended use hours, children may access the pool only when accompanied by an adult.

The Office usually opens at 9am. The clubhouse may be open earlier for other events during the week.

  • Users must possess an access card and sign in and out of the pool on the clipboard posted in the kitchen.
  • Owners who desire to swim unattended before the clubhouse is normally open may check out a clubhouse key for that purpose from the office (804-472-3646.)
  • Users are responsible for locking up, and notifying the Office of any problems encountered.
  • Misuse of a loaner key may result in the revocation of access privileges to the pool until the key is returned to the office.

The Pool is closed to all users between normal evening closing times and 6AM.

 How will this be Implemented?

The Organized Events option was implemented on May 24. Essentially, this is the traditional water exercise program, with the added option for lap swimmers to use the lanes during this time. Access to the pool is through the back gate, same as during normal hours.

Unattended Use by Individuals will begin June 17 as a pilot program to gauge interest and the appropriate balance of reasonable access, safety, and good stewardship of our facilities. Security cameras have been installed to monitor use.

Here’s how the pilot will work:

  • Unattended swimmers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Children may access the pool only if accompanied by a responsible person 18 years of age or older.
  • Access to the pool will be through the front door of the clubhouse and through the kitchen to the pool deck.
  • The clubhouse is normally open by 9am, Monday through Friday. If the door is locked, ring the bell and Teresa will let you in. Please show her your access card.
  • Unattended swimmers must sign in and out on a log posted in the kitchen.  Principle Owners who want to use the pool earlier in the morning before the clubhouse opens may request to borrow a clubhouse key for that purpose.
  • Users of the pool before normal hours may encounter floating debris in the water. Dip nets are available for your use.

This is a pilot implementation. We will monitor use and member feedback, adjust the process and recommend rules changes as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Does this expose the Association or the County to unacceptable liabilities?

A: We have consulted with our insurance carrier and they are satisfied as long as we are clear that users “swim at their own risk.”

Q: Why start at 6am? Does anyone really want to swim that early?

A: Some members who work shifts, or whose work hours are variable have expressed interest in expanded hours. Responses to the recent member survey supported extended hours for access to the pool. We expect that early morning users will be motivated by exercise and will be swimming laps. We are doing the pilot to learn more about member interest and what controls are reasonable and necessary.

Q: I’m not sure I like allowing children, even if accompanied by an adult.

A: The intent here is to avoid excluding adults, typically parents or guardians, who may want to swim but who cannot leave a child at home alone. The expectation is that most children would stay on the deck, perhaps reading, playing games or even doing homework. Unattended swimmers must be at least 18 years old.

Q: Can I swim unattended in the evening, after the pool closes?

A: No. We have extended normal hours with lifeguards to 8pm on Wednesday, Fridays & Saturdays, and to 10pm for our three Howl at the Moon parties. But for safety reasons and security of the facility, we do not plan to allow unattended swimming after the pool closes.

Q: Will there be security cameras to monitor unattended pool use?

A: Yes. Their primary purpose is to detect use outside of stated hours. For some time, we have been concerned that we do not have good ways to monitor use of the clubhouse. This pilot seemed a good time to begin to experiment with a system loaned to us by a member. IT IS NOT constantly  monitored, and is most certainly NOT a substitute for certified lifeguards or basic safe swimming practices such as swimming with a buddy.

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