GHCP Association Meetings

  • The Next Meeting of the GHCPA Association. The Annual meeting of the GHCP Assocaion will take place at 9:30am on August 22, 2020 at the clubhouse. The primary item on the agenda will be elections for the expiring terms of 3 Directors. The Annual meeting is normally held in June, but current Covid 19 Phase 2 guidlines limiting meetings to 50 people make that impractical. Official meeting notices will be sent on June 20, 2020 providing more details and a proxy form.
  • The GHCPA Board of Directors usually meets on the second Monday of each month at the clubhouse, at 7:00 pm.  Again, due to the corona virus pandemic, our next meetings will be vitrual until further notice. The  All Members and Associates are welcome to submit questions or comments for the board to consider by email to, or by phone to 804-472-3546.