About the Tool

About the Tool: Members can  share their thoughts in four general categories:

  • Questions: Ask anything you want. We will respond directly to you if you provide email contact information and will post website articles responding to frequently asked questions
  • Complaints: Share what is bugging you or what needs our attention to better serve you as a community member.  We appreciate your perspective and knowledge; please include some suggested actions that you feel would resolve the issue.  We will take these up at our monthly board meetings and if it’s a large or complex issue may put the question back out to our full community for review and comment.
  • Suggestions: Do you see an opportunity to improve how the Association or the Sanitary District serves the community?  If so, please share it with us. Maybe we can do something now for easy and low-cost improvements, or perhaps incorporate your suggestion into our annual and longer-term planning for more complex or costly improvement suggestions.
  • Compliments: We aren’t fishing for praise, but it’s nice as a volunteer serving the entire community to know when we do something that you like. 

All input will be reviewed by a member of the board of directors, shared with all board members, incorporated into website updates,  and included in Association work plans both short and long term.  Responses to trending questions, complaints, suggestions or compliments will be summarized and posted monthly to the Association website.