Sanitary District

Overview of the GH-CP Sanitary District

Establishment of the GH-CP Sanitary District was approved by the Westmoreland County Circuit Court on May 4, 2016.  The order was premised on the core argument that the formation of the Sanitary District benefited all of the properties embraced within the bounds of the two subdivisions and assured maintenance of the unique assets of this waterfront and water access community.  As a result of the court action in May and planned actions by the GH-CP POA on December 3, 2016, the principal benefits to each property owner are:

  • (1) sustainable, predictable financial structure assuring stable, long-term operations;
  • (2) enhanced fair market value of all properties;
  • (3) full access to the community recreational facilities; and
  • (4) voting privileges in the GH-CP Property Owners Association.

Following a July 16 public hearing, the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors approved the proposed budget and Recreation User Fee for the GH-CP Sanitary District.  The Recreation User Fee of $190.00 is included on the 2016 real estate tax bill for each lot in Glebe Harbor and Cabin Point.  This fee is being applied to all lots.  The approved budget funds management and maintenance of the community recreational facilities, including dredging of the inlet channels for the community creeks, shoreline work along the community beach areas, and maintenance of the boat ramps.

The GH-CP POA will manage and maintain the community recreational facilities and amenities under an agreement with the County’s Board of Supervisors who will serve as the governing body of the GH-CP Sanitary District.  These facilities include the clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic pavilion, playground, boat ramps, beaches, and waterways. There will be no initiation fee or annual dues for use of the recreational facilities as long as the Sanitary District is in place.

During the transition period to the GH-CP Sanitary District, operation of the facilities is funded through April 30, 2017 from the $340 annual dues voluntary members paid in May, 2016. The approved Sanitary District budget will pay for operation of facilities beginning May 1, 2017, with the remainder of the first year SD budget going toward dredging, waterway management, and beach replenishment.  Sanitary District funds will only be used once all property owners have access to all facilities.

In the meantime, as a result of expanded membership, operating procedures are being updated within the GH-CP POA and access to facilities for all property owners is being phased in, as owners request access.