Highlights of the August 24, 2019 GH-CP Association Membership Meeting

Highlights of the August 24, 2019 GH-CP Association Membership Meeting

 Special Guest – Russ Culver, District II Representative to the Board of Supervisors, Westmoreland County announced:

  • The Board of Supervisors has approved funding for the new high school. The work that can be seen going on now at the back of the parcel along Route 3 is for the adjacent 63 acre County Park, which should open early next year and includes ball fields the school can use. School construction is planned to begin this fall and take about 24 months. While the low bid for the school was $52 million, extensive reengineering and renegotiation with subcontractors has reduced the cost to under $45 million.
  • Carry-On Trailer has been purchased and is expanding. A welding school across the street will partner with Go Virginia and Rappahannock Community College to train students and prepare them for vocational-technical jobs.
  • An announcement will be made in the next 2 – 3 weeks that Potomac Supply is expanding and creating new jobs for Westmoreland County.

Treasurer’s Report – no new issues to report.

 Facilities Report

  • Our Property Manager resigned in June, The pool staff has taken on routine pool cleaning and maintaining water quality. Brad Shuff and Teresa Edwards have assumed routine clubhouse duties and clubhouse rentals. For the time being, volunteers are addressing repairs as needed, and Jim Amery has contributed his time to improving the clubhouse grounds.  A Facilities Committee will be formed in the fall to assess and address how we meet future needs.
  • The hose hydrant at the GH boat ramp is broken. We were unable to close the shutoff valve at the hydrant to make repairs. Apparently, that hydrant is connected directly to the Virginia American Water system without another cutoff or meter. VA Water will schedule the installation of a new meter and cutoff after Labor Day. Residents near the ramp will be notified, as some may experience a short water outage while the work is done.
  • The pool contractor will return this Fall to correct some problems not addressed prior to the opening of the pool.

 Membership Services: New GH-CP Association Directory – The online version is free of charge and available on the Association website.  A limited number of hard copies are available for purchase at $8.00 a copy.  Many thanks to Debbie and her committee for 5 months of hard work: Dot Spencer, Carol Shackleford, Mardie Amery, and Kathy Gold.

 Manager’s Report on GH-CP Sanitary District

  • Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) – CIP hearings have not yet been scheduled by the County. The Association will post that information as soon as it is received.
  • Shoreline Projects
    • CP inlet channel: The channel was last dredged in 2015.  The Association still has an active dredging permit that expires in March 2020.  It will be renewed and would be used if the channel becomes shallower than +/- 4 ft. at mean low water.
    • Crystal Lane Beach: There is poor drainage from the roadway towards the beach and numerous potholes upland.  Repair will require correcting the drainage situation; removing the current ground cover (phragmites) and planting something more suitable, and filling the potholes.  The Association is soliciting estimates for repair. Cabin Point beach:  The Association is applying for a permit for the work needed.  Due to the cost of repair, this project was included in the list of CIP projects.
    • Cul-de-sac on Royal Way: Only 3+ feet remain between the edge of the roadway and the bank. VDOT has confirmed that this is their responsibility and will be installing rip-rap along the bank and connecting it to the rip-rap on the property north of the beach.  When that work is completed the Association will evaluate what else needs to be done to restore and protect the beach.
    • Click HERE for pictures and more details in our July NEWS posting.
  • Management Agreement Self-Assessment –The Board has undertaken a review of our performance as the manager of the property. When it is completed we will meet with the County to discuss areas of improvement.

The next community meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 7, 2019.