Summaries of the February and March Assn Board Meetings

Summary of the February 11, 2019 GHCP Association Board Meeting

No Community members attended.

Most of the meeting was held as an executive working session. No actions were taken in executive session. Other topics discussed have since been updated in NEWS posts and the budget letter that has been sent out to all property owners.

Summary of the March 14, 2019 GHCP Association Board Meeting

No community members attended.

Current Year Sanitary District Budget:  It appears that RUFs for 137 lots have not been paid this year. Our budget expects some delinquency, and it typical for some payments to be later. But as of January 31, we are about $18,000 below budgeted revenuesOperating expenses are on track and budget.

Status of Groin Repair Project at Cabin Point:  The County has examined the groin damage at Cabin Point beach and advises that the needed work will require new permits because of the scope of the work in terms of dollars and extension of the groins to the high tide mark.    Existing plans for these groins may be able used as the basis for the new permits.  Funding for this project once permits are obtained has not yet been arranged.

Status of Channel Dredging Permits:  Our dredging permits can be extended for 5 years by requesting extensions from VMRC. This can be done twice.

Capital Projects Planning:  The Board is submitting provide our five year capital projects plan to the County through their Capital Planning Process.  The five year capital projects plan submitted is from the independent reserve study prepared in late  2016. Funding is not yet arranged for this five year capital plan.
(Posted 3.26.19)