Cabin Point Beach Update

The erosion problem described in our January NEWS post continues. Here’s what we know so far, and what steps we are taking:

VDOT acknowledges their responsibility to protect the roadway. However, VDOT expects that an engineering study will be required as well as permits from VMRC. Neither VDOT nor we have any timeframe on that process. VDOT’s responsibility only extends to necessary repairs to shore up the roadway and mitigate the existing damage. Any erosion control work beyond that required to protect the roadway will be the responsibility of property owners.  

The Board has discussed options to mitigate further damage with VDOT, the County, and VMRC. We reviewed the physical condition of the existing groins along all of Cabin Point Beach with a County Land Use representative. The conclusion was that we will need a new permit to repair the existing groins and extend them back onto the beach to the high tide mark. We believe the permit can be secured at modest cost, by basing our application on the plans and documentation submitted when they were installed.

Exactly what part of the permitted work will be immediately necessary and affordable will be another decision. Right now, the two northern most groins are our priority, as this is where the greatest beach erosion is occurring. In a second phase, we will need an engineering study and additional permits to advise on a longer term solution to erosion in this area, and to determine how we extend from whatever VDOT installs. The current fiscal year budget includes $26,800 in remaining bond proceeds that can be utilized only for waterway and shoreline management work, and will be the primary source of funding for permits and initial repairs. (Posted 3.20.2109)